How to Maintain a Clean & Sanitary Home

If you want to maintain a clean, sanitary home that you proudly call your own, it takes a bit of effort. Cleaning up inside is only expected. If you don’t clean, obviously messes accumulate. But, it takes a bit more than sweeping and mopping floors, turning on the dishwasher, and wiping down the countertops to maintain an efficient, beautiful home. Make sure the tasks below are a part of your routine to keep your home immaculate.

Schedule Trash Removal

Where will you take the trash once it’s removed from the home? Schedule trash pickup upper marlboro md and that worry is gone. Weekly, trash removal pickup services comes out and empties the cans and keeps pests, rodents, wildlife, odors, and poor sanitation out of your life.

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Don’t Forget the Exterior

The exterior of the home is important. It’s the first place people see when they visit you and it gives them an impression of what to expect once they come inside. Make sure the exterior of the home is free of clutter and trash, that the grass is cut and that the lawn is otherwise well-maintained. A few colorful flowers won’t hurt a thing, either!

Don’t Become a Pack Rat

Garage sales, thrift stores, and friends make it hard to resist some things but the result is a cluttered home without any space left. Don’t become a packrat. It’s fine to scour for deals but know when you have enough!

Donation Pickup Services

Clean out those closets, cupboards, and the toy boxes and schedule a donation pick-up to declutter the house. A decluttered home feels great. You’ll appreciate the newfound ability to find things without an hour-long search! Plus, if you donate your items to a non-profit organization, you may qualify to receive a tax receipt to use at tax time!