Have Manners Gone The Way Of The Dodo?

There used to be a time – and not even a lifetime ago – when anyone, men and women alike, leaving the house would not dream of doing so without a hat. There was also a time when men would hold doors for women. All sorts of people would stand up for others on the bus or subway. You’d never dream of personal grooming in public – the idea was to look like that naturally and doing it in public rather gives the game away doesn’t it?

In the modern world, a lot of these little courtesies have made their way out of common usage. Some of them were plain silly, and we are lucky to have seen the back of them. But as etiquette houston tx leaders will tell you, some of them are there to help the world go around and they do make social interaction easier.

Here’s an example. You probably know Americans have a reputation for being a little rude and brusque when they are abroad. One of the reasons is that here if you say “Can I get a coffee?” you are implying the please that usually ends that sentence. It is sort of there -embedded in the question. The rest of the world doesn’t work that way. Elsewhere most people explicitly at the pleases and the thank-yous because it is part of the pattern of language.

But you can see why someone who isn’t used to us would think an American rude?

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The flip side of the coin is that American are renowned tippers. So, for all the reputation for rudeness, they are usually welcome because 15-20% usually makes up for no please or thank you. (If you want to be loved everywhere you go say please and leave the tip too.)