2013 Holiday Special Memphis Heat Poster Giveaway Deal!

Order the awesome, almost 4 hour Memphis Heat: The True Story of Memphis Wrasslin' Dvd plus Ron Hall's totally cool Sputnik, Masked Men, & Midgets: The Early Days of Memphis Wrestling, which inspired the film, and get the officially Memphis Heat poster for free.  This special holiday deal is good for the holiday season until the end of 2013.  Just order the book and dvd here, and your poster will be included with your order.  A $75.00 deal for only $50.00!! A lifetime of fun!

It's Here! It's Out! It's a Hit!

The Memphis Heat DVD is a massive critical and popular hit!  Order it here!

Including almost 4 hours of Memphis wrestling insanity, storytelling, and action plus the amazing Doug Easley soundtrack, the Memphis Heat DVD is receiving massive praise from all corners of the world:

Pro Wrestling Torch: “It’s the best, most entertaining pro wrestling documentary I have ever seen.”
Wrestlezone: “Memphis Heat is a must see.”
Surrender to the Void: “An extraordinary yet entertaining documentary.”
Camel Clutch Blog: “I can’t ever recall watching a documentary and waking up the next day and wanting to watch it again until Memphis Heat.”
Houston Sports Zone: “This documentary is a must watch of any wrestling fan.”
Flick Attack: “Memphis Heat emerges a winner.”
Legendary wrestling personality Jim Ross: “Awesome!”
Two Sheds: “Big thumbs up!”
Cinema Suicide: “Never boring, always on point, Memphis Heat is a love letter to sports entertainment.”
Arkansas Democrat-Gazette: “Memphis Heat comes flying of the top turnbuckle and pins the story of this wild little world to the mat with style.”

Star of Memphis Heat, Jerry "the King" Lawler drops in on Bob Edwards December 1st to talk Memphis Heat here!!!

Memphis Heat DVD Pre-Order Begins!

We are pleased as Exotic Adrian Street to announce that pre-ordering for Memphis Heat:  The True Story of Memphis Wrasslin' dvd bonus loaded with all  kinds of almost 4 hours worth of action has begun right hereTrust us when we say this is the greatest thing anyone ever got for Christmas!!!

Memphis Heat Summer Schedule Growing!

Memphis Heat:  The True Story of Memphis Wrasslin' will play at the following locations and dates.  The showtimes with the asterisks include a booksigning with Memphis Heat star Jerry Jarrett, who has just released an amazing new book called The Best of Times!  Be sure to come on out for these special evenings of wrestling history and fun!
July 15-July 17 Maiden Alley Cinema Paducah, Kentucky* Jerry Jarrett booksigning Friday night July 15)
July 22 Orpheum Theater Memphis, TN*
August 5 Alabama Theater Birmingham, Alabama*
August 5-7 Plaza Theater Atlanta, Georgia* (Jerry Jarrett booksigning Saturday and Sunday nights, August 6/7)
August 12 Historic Texas Theater Dallas, Texas
August 13 Historic Texas Theater Dallas, Texas
August 14 Historic Texas Theater Dallas, Texas

Memphis Heat Summer Schedule Filling UP!

After a fantastic run in Nashville at the Belcourt Theatre, Memphis Heat is on the classic summer film line-up at the Orpheum Theater in Memphis Friday, July 22 at 7:00 p.m.!  Be sure to make plans now to enjoy this unforgettable night on the silver screen in one of the South's most gorgeous theaters!
Also Memphis Heat will be running at the excellent Maiden Alley Theater in Paducah, Kentucky, July 15-17th! Stay tuned here for more intl. Memphis Heat theatrical updates!

You Can't Stop a Great Film!

Memphis Heat:  The True Story of Memphis Wrasslin' has been held over for a full week in Nashville, due to unrelenting fan interest!  The Belcourt Theatre has extended the documentary run to a full week.  Thanks for the support, Nashville!  Now go out and enjoy this blockbuster or we'll piledrive you on the ringside table like Macho Man Savage!

Memphis Heat Coming to Nashville!

Memphis Heat, in all of its fireballing glory, will be premiering at the Belcourt Theater in Nashville June 17-June 20!  Come on out and experience this fascinating flick in full quadraphonic sound!  A great experience everyone must have in life!

Memphis Heat Star Gets Radio Program!

Jerry Jarrett, great wrestler and fantastic wrestling promoter as well as soft-spoken star of Memphis Heat, gets his own radio show on 104.5 Nashville beginning Saturday, May 7, 2011.  Enjoy it here and check out the pearls of wisdom from this true wrestling genius!

Memphis Heat Heads to Jonesboro--Wrasslin' Capitol of Arkansas!

After a record-breaking theatrical run in Memphis, Memphis Heat has taken its beautiful, gory self to the Malco Hollywood Cinema in Jonesboro, Arkansas--site of so many amazing wrestling matches in the past.  Catch it today while you can, Jonesboro!
Right now, Memphis Heat is a theatrical release only.  Yes, there will be an amazing dvd with tons of extras down the road this year.  Be sure to like us on facebook for all your Memphis Heat updates!

Memphis Heat Has Arrived!

Wrestling Fans, your prayers have been answered!  Memphis Heat:  The True Story of Memphis Wrasslin' is rockin' & ready to be enjoyed!  Check out the energy coming off the big screen below.  Then book your tickets on March 24, 2011, National Sputnik Monroe Day for the world premiere of this incredible film!  Do not be left behind on this important day of celebration!  Join up right now with Memphis Heat on Facebook for all the details!

The Memphis Heat Trailer!

This is the Memphis Heat: The True Story of Memphis Wrasslin' trailer! We are in the final stages of editing this fine film. Please feel free to pass this on to your wrestling-fan friends or anyone who enjoys great entertainment.

Final Memphis Heat Sneak Peek: Superstar Bill Dundee

Wrestling Fans: Only a couple days left to help finish editing fundraising for Memphis Heat: The True Story of Memphis Wrasslin'. Please feel free to jump through the ropes with a chair and make it happen here.

Meanwhile check out "Superstar" Bill Dundee as he explains how such a tough little Aussie ended up with such an ongoing, incredible feud with the Jerry "the King" Lawler starting in the early '70s!

Len Rossi Spins the Memphis Heat Wisdom!

Here is yet another star of Memphis Heat: The True Story of Memphis Wrasslin', Len Rossi. In this episode from the documentary, Rossi describes the toll thousands of reverse neckbreakers, turnbuckle slams, and leglocks take on a wrestler's body. Just a few days left to help finish this fine film at Kickstarter. Thanks to all who have joined in the fun or pre-ordered a dvd already!

More Hot, Hot, Hot Memphis Heat Action!

Friends and Fans of Memphis Wrestling will be delighted to see this excerpt from Memphis Heat: The True Story of Memphis Wrasslin'. It's a great snippet from Memphis wrestling legend Billy Wicks, who got things going for Memphis wrestling with his epic battles with Sputnik Monroe in the late '50s and early '60s. Please feel free to pre-order the dvd here if you like what you see.

Memphis Heat vs. Jerry "the King" Lawler at the Mid-South Coliseum!

Well, if there is anywhere in the world that has more Memphis Heat than the Mid-South Coliseum with a Jerry Lawler match, we don't know where that is! Check out the King from Memphis Heat: The True Story of Memphis Wrasslin' back at home talking about Tojo Yamamoto, the Mummy, and dropkicks! Just a taste of the full monty coming soon...meanwhile you can make this documentary a reality right here at Kickstarter...order the dvd or become a part of the "special producers" making this film happen!

Barbarian Records' Jim Blake Throws More Memphis Heat!

Jim Blake, who released many inspirational rocking wrestling 45s on the likes of Jerry "Bad News" Lawler and Plowboy Frazier, spins some wisdom on the legendary Jackie Fargo in this outtake from the world's greatest documentary Memphis Heat: The True Story of Memphis Wrasslin'! Stay tuned!

Yet Even More Memphis Heat Sneak Peaks: Referee Jerry Calhoun on Andy Kaufman

Referee Jerry Calhoun had officiated thousands of matches before Andy "I'm from Hollywood" Kaufman hit Memphis. But he had never seen anything like the Kaufman/Jerry Lawler bouts! Check out this cool insider's view on some of the craziest wrestling matches of all-time from Memphis Heat: The True Story of Memphis Wrasslin' documentary!

Still More Memphis Heat Sneak Peaks: Mouth of the South Jimmy Hart!

One of the greats of all time, Jimmy Hart, explains what the ramifications are from hanging out with bad guy heels like Sputnik Monroe in small-town Arkansas when the fervor is ferocious! A mere suggestion of what lies ahead in Memphis Heat: The True Story of Memphis Wrasslin'!

A Sneak Peak at Memphis Heat!

"Handsome" Jimmy Valiant talks about the after hours hi-jinks of wrestlers constantly on the road in the 70's -- good times for all, including this drinkin' story about Superstar Bill Dundee.